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TRG EQUITY is an international development company established to form active coalitions with governments, companies, civil society groups, trading platforms, investors and international organizations.  We provide design/build, engineering, construction, and “Funding Placement Vehicles” to implement opportunities for large projects ($100 million to $50 billion+) as well as approved humanitarian developments for governments and private developments.  TRG facilitates these programs through the formation of public/private partnerships which control and monetize in-ground assets which are placed into a selected “Trading Platform” selected to meet the needs and desires of that country or private firm.  

Today over 3.5 billion people live in countries rich in diamonds, gold, oil, gas and other valuable minerals.  With the proper organized equity governance of these natural resources, large revenues can be generated which in turn will foster the controlled growth and a reduction in overall poverty.  However, when governance is weak, the result can be corruption, poverty and conflict.

 The “Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative” and TRG strengthen governments by improving transparency and accountability for the in-ground appraisal and extractive process.  Approved Humanitarian Programs and projects will capture, monetize and direct those resources for communities to provide their people with basic resources and services to support family life and make organized commerce possible.  The TRG programs will help communities develop effective social services through collaborative efforts in order to improve health care facilities, education, communication, transportation, electrical generation, clean water, sewage systems, while establishing strong community organization and empowerment. TRG EQUITY supports improved governance in resource rich countries through the verification and full publication of company payments and government revenues collected from oil, gas and mined assets.  Please contact our local partner for more detail on the principles and benefits of TRG.

TRG seeks a World of Hope, Understanding, Tolerance and Fair Social Equity where Poverty can be overcome while people live in Dignity and Individual Security.  TRG Strives to be a Global Force and the Partner of Choice in the Worldwide Movement dedicated to enhance the Quality of Living for all.  Our Mantra is to be known everywhere for our Creative Efforts and Unshakable Commitment to Supporting the Dignity of People Everywhere!